Our company is a well-established company that continues its manufacturing and sales activities in the home and office furniture sector since 2005. In the 2010s, it has turned its production track completely into office furniture and continues to exist in the sector in a specialized and corporate structure. Our company, which registered the ‘CHAIRSCLUB’ brand in 2018, has continued to increase its brand awareness since then.


By adopting the modern office concept, we appeal to changing tastes with new products that reflect current design trends. Our products, consisting of office furniture, wooden and metal chairs, tables and sofas, are produced in our facility in Çatalca. It has succeeded in making economical production without compromising on quality, by carrying out an extremely meticulous work at every stage of the production process and most importantly, with the power of production and its capacity.


Our company has focused on customer satisfaction with its wide product range that will meet the needs of the spaces designed in different concepts in all categories, and with the determined work of the R&D department, it has taken a great distance in meeting the new demands of today’s people.


Our company, which determines its quality and standards with ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, TSE and SERVICE QUALIFICATION certificates, is on the way to become a world brand with its trade dimension that goes beyond the borders of our country.


Our products are exported to 45 countries around the world.